VANDERCO, our parent company, has been building custom homes and remodeling in the Ukiah, California area since 1997.  In 2003, DWELLINGS - AV, our design/build company was born in the beautiful Anderson Valley.  DWELLINGS - AV was created as an alternative to the traditional construction formula.  We incorporate premanufacturing and the repetitive use of systems and materials to improve efficiency and quality   We are focusing on smaller homes with high-end materials and craftsmanship.  DWELLINGS - AV also aims to use materials and methods that allow us to build as responsibly as possible.

In 2003 ground was broken for an office/retail space to accommodate a local business.  The office/retail space was designed and built to meet the requirements of L.E.E.D (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, which is the LEED Green Building Rating System) and to incorporate the materials and methods used by DWELLINGS - AV.  The office/retail building was created to reflect the materials and quality native to the Anderson Valley, but sourced to meet our current need of building with renewable resources.  Extensive use of recycled wood for both the interior and exterior has resulted in a timeless look.

In Sheter Cove, California, DWELLINGS - AV has found the perfect location to begin installing our homes.  Shelter Cove, California is a spot on the Lost Coast with the natural setting and incredible beauty to complement our first homes.  Set in the woods overlooking the Pacific Ocean, our homes with their natural and renewable redwood siding, recycled timbers, cast concrete countertops, and renewable wood floors are creating retreats for those looking for a getaway that is hard to find.  Our designs emphasize small quality spaces with attention to energy efficiency and durability.  The current house plans range from 400 sq. ft. to 1500 sq. ft.

With the growth of our business, DWELLINGS - AV has established our manufacturing  and      pre-assembly plant further north on the magnificient California coast in Arcata CA.  DWELLINGS - AV is continuing to build in Shelter Cove and is continuing to offer general construction services and to focus on the small house market.
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